BirdyCage – Birdy is our crews fashion expert. If you ever need help putting together an outfit Birdy is the girl you want.  Birdy is also known for having one mean swing with her baseball bat. 

Spooky_Itoku – Whenever all out war breaks out spooky always seems to appear out of nowhere with her APC ready. When she is not in her APC her weapon of choice is her trusty hatchet, it is not known how many players she has chopped up to bits with it. Spooky is also a smart business woman who always seems to have a million dollar bunker sale to do. When she isn’t killing and making millions she is taking pictures all over Los Santos.

Scaryzee – Scayzee is our crews All Star. If there is any event competition chances are he will be winning it. Scaryzee is  lethal in RnG while also being the perfect gentlemen. 

Valhallasown1 – A loyal comrade and friend Valahallas is always there to help out a bunny in need, whether its to make money or to murder someone giving a member a hard time you can always count on Valah. Working his way up from muscle relatively quickly, he has become a much needed and appreciated staple within the bunny family. 



AlmightyChrisx7 – Chris is our super cool PS4 rep. He wants to make the Ps4 side of the crew as great as our Xboxone side. He is a nice guy who has been a great help to me, I am lucky that he joined.

XEmilyCarterX – She may spend most of her time saying the word “sorry”  while in parties for numerous offenses such as accidental killings, car wrecks and chopper blade murders but do not let that sweet voice fool you. With an excellent fashion sense and an equally excellent arsenal of weapons Emily is a bunny not to be messed with. 

I_TrulyYours_I – Truly is our resident bad ass. Taking out her enemies one explosive round at a time. You may not see her but if you piss her off you better bet she see’s you at the other end of her sniper scope.  While Truly isn’t snipping other players she is busy getting footage together to post on her Instagram. 

GingerWomble-  A faithful ally or a deadly adversary, Gingerwomble has worked his way up the ranks of Buns rather quickly. We still arn’t sure if he truly enjoys being a Bun or if this is some kind of plot he has going with Barry Barracks to take over the crew however regardless we all do enjoy having the Womble in our company. Not only is Ginger our crew military vehicle and tactic expert but he is also our certified barracks driver. If you ever find yourself stranded in Los Santos, you can always count on Ginger to pick you up.


Information about the crew’s hierarchy:

The crew will only have a max of four commissioners and six lieutenants at any given time. If an opening in commissioner comes available then an LT will more than likely be promoted to that position.  If an LT spot becomes available I will go through my reps and see who I feel is a good fit for that position.

I promote based on activity and crew loyalty.  If I see you participate in crew events and hang out with the crew often you will be promoted accordingly. I do notice who shows up to events, who I see online or who takes part on the R social page.

Commissioner Requirements:

  1. Must be an active player.
  2. Attend all events, unless something comes up and can’t.
  3. Must be able to hold an event just in case I have to cancel last minute.
  4. Help me with major crew decisions.
  5. BUNS must be set as your active crew at all times. Only exception is if tag is set to an ALLY crew.
  6. Help me with promotions and demotions. Let me know if you think a member needs either.
  7. Mic is preferable in  this position but not required.
  8. If there is an issue with a member, commissioners and myself will vote to decide if they should be removed from the crew.

Lieutenants Requirements:

  1. Must be an active player.
  2. Attend most events.
  3. BUNS does need to be set as your active crew however I will make exceptions such as you changed your tag in order to play on a male character, if you are helping out with another crew, or need to switch between BUNS and your own crew.
  4. Help me keep an eye on our crew, making sure our members are happy and there is no trouble.
  5. Help me with promotions and demotions. Let me know if you think a member needs either.


All members:

If you have any suggestions on crew events you would like to see us have or any ideas on how to make the crew better, it doesn’t matter what rank you are. I take all members suggestions into consideration. Message me anytime on R social 🙂