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    In the oddball chance that folks still use forums, may as well drop an introduction.

    My name is Thomas. I’ve been running as Ravenhale probably close to nine years now after retiring my Trish from the old Guild Wars/Dragon Court days. Turns out having Trish as a gamer tag was quite the scandal for a guy, though it probably doesn’t help that I tend to exclusively roleplay and game as girl characters. I think I only play male if there is no alternative given. Guess that’s pretty bonkers when you stop and think about it, but I’m too old to fret over that. I’ve got three kids in high school this year. My gaming habits are the least of my concerns.

    I’ve played a little of GTAOnline back in 2015 when Heists first came out. Had a high end apartment and a Super Car, but never actually did any of the heists. Think I was about mid forties in levels before I got hooked on League of Legends. That’s occupied most of my time for the past couple years, but my laptop is starting to show its age and doesn’t tolerate long gaming hours. So I elected to replace my dust gathering 360 with the One S last December (probably could have gone One X but its not like my TV would support the major difference between those consoles). Naturally that meant starting a character from ground floor, but its only taken about a month to get back to where I left off.

    Can’t say that I have any notable goals for GTAO. I noticed that I can make roughly 50K an hour just solo racing my playlist and adjusting my courses to a 4 minute duration. Think I leveled from 18 to 46 doing mostly that. Still haven’t played any heists since it seems like I sit over twenty minutes in a lobby that might get launched and usually someone will quit the job if it fails twice. Haven’t even bothered hosting heists because of this pattern. I have helped a couple random folks as an associate with VIP work (far more fun than racing solo or sitting in eternal lobbies). Don’t know if CEO is a direction I want to go. Figured I would want roughly 4 mil before going that route because I would like the optional spawn point. That might happen someday, though I’m sure many clothes, guns and car mods will happen first.

    Don’t have a working mic presently. Might get one, though its not like I talk all that much. I usually get by just doing what others are suggesting/ordering. I’m out of Texas so I’m on CST. Usually will be on after 9 (if earlier than that, I’m probably juggling chores and am semi-afk). Think that’s more than enough for an introduction since I’ve been writing this off and on for the past three hours while at work.

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