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    I have gathered my most popular and effective grinds to increase player statistics. Some of these took careful consideration to develop some are just low tech ways to multitask. I will provide links and a description of how to use these tools to advance yourself or your friends.

    Strength stat grind

    This grind requires two people of any rank. remember to set the capture to end after everything has been captured, not within a time limit. All you have to do is fist fight the AI. heath is located in the center of the map. melee weapons are also there as a bonus to add into your inventory these must not be used as they do not increase your strength. I have built in entertainment if you are running this for a friend. melee weapons, a car and a lazer are all in the map. it will take 30 to 45 minutes to max your strength. to end the capture simply turn in the package. you will get paid 10-20k for maxing your strength

    shooting grind

    Xbox 360

    This grind requires one player to be rank 120 or more. A minigun must be able to spawn. this grind takes around 10 minutes to max out your shooting. the person who needs to max their shooting will collect the miniguns and shoot the trapped tanks. You will notice a drastic rise in your shooting skill. after your shooting is 100% turn in the capture package.


    As opposed to above I had to modify this method because rockstar has changed the behavior of AI and weakened tanks. I believe the rank restriction for the miniguns has been lifted, and the time to max the stat has increased. However, the fun has been increased as well in this new shooting stat grind

    Aim for vehicles with AI in them they count for more shooting stat points.

    Sneak grind

    open a private online session and find a large open space. take a rubber band and bind the two joysticks together. you will start walking around in a circle. press the left joystick to crouch (sneak). now set your controller on the counter and go do something else. like eat lunch, go to sleep, or go to work. eventually your controller will time out and you will have to repeat this four times.

    Stamina grind

    Ride a bike or run. nothing is faster. keep your car in the garage for one week only use vehicles if you have to on missions.

    racing stat grind

    Xbox 360

    This grind requires two people of any rank. It should be played with SUPERs only! It is a collection of short races, the shortest races allowed by rockstar rules is .62 of a mile for one lap, and one lap minimum to be called a race. These are short, fast, and fun each race is roughly 1 minute long. with 16 races this will take 16 minutes to complete. 54 races are needed to unlock all possible car mods. this grind would need to be completed four times to max out a player. If you are trading races you can win 8 and then lose 8. or win the playlist once and loose the playlist once.

    XBOX one

    Again things have changed and there is a more effective method on Xbox One to accomplish this stat

    this playlist contains 16 races that can be finished in under 11 seconds apiece. Its stupid fast and there’s no reason you should have to drive a beater because you haven’t unlocked the mods yet. Face it 54 wins is hard to get when you’re driving a stock piece of shit you stole off the street.

    lung capacity grind

    This grind is no faster than anything else but it is predictable, safe, and you will make money for swimming. It can be run solo or with help. help is preferable. Kill every enemy on the peninsula and the cove on the left. a cargo bob will arrive let it land and kill the pilot. Use the cargo bob to pick up the container then quickly set it down and land the cargo bob. Wait for the enemy backup helicopter to attack you and kill it. after the other player goes to deliver the cargo bob, you will need to start swimming under water until the mission has been passed. wash, rinse, and repeat. expect your lung capacity to be maxed within 6 or 7th iteration of this playlist. You will make 80K$ at this point. If doing this solo set a timer for 15 minutes after the enemy chopper has been downed and start swimming. after the timer goes off deliver the container to get paid


    go to flight school located at LSIA until your eyes bleed, fly around as much as possible in free roam, fly in missions, and participate in air races if they even exist anymore



    My xb1 racing grind has been broken by rockstar. I have to fix it.

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