Crew Rules

1) Must play on female character. If you are on a male character and have our crew tag you will get a warning, second time you will be removed from the crew. If you have a secondary male character you want to play on that is fine but “BUNS” cannot be your active crew.
2) No crew killing at all unless decided upon prior with all involved. No crew killing at all during events even if decided upon, please wait till the event ends. 
3) R social profile/wall must be open to crew.
4) If your Xbox gamer tag/PSN is not linked you must message me it upon joining.
5) Respect all fellow crew members. Name calling, bullying or using derogatory language towards anyone wont be tolerated. Any incidents of this I will look at and you will either be banned immediately or given a warning and put on a on probationary period.  
6) Help members with their work if you want members to help you with your work.
7) Be active. I understand we all have lives outside GTAO but constant inactivity/ not attending events will get you kicked.
8) Crew does not have to be your active crew(muscle and rep)  however I generally will only be promoting those who have their active crew set as Buns.  Also all members must have this crew set as their active while attending any crew events. 


                                                                            *Rules for officers can be found on the hierarchy page.