Welcome to the home of the Killa Bunnies. We are an all female character crew on Grand Theft Auto Online.  I started up this crew because I just wanted to be in the type of crew that was drama free and didn’t have any extreme or silly rules. I tried out a few crews and then decided it may be best if I just went ahead and created my own.

The point of the this crew is to have fun, help each earn money and have one another’s back; if you mess with one bunny you mess with all bunnies. We have events such as car meets, photoshoots, playlist meet ups, race meets ups ect. We are basically just a chill group of gamers who like to  kick back and enjoy everything GTAO has to offer.

The official Killa Bunny clubhouse is located in Vespucci beach right in the beautiful and violent city of Los Santos. Feel free to stop by!